19890716. On the Other Side of Town.

Part II: To Sow Coal

He took in the sights of the park again wondering. Again he saw the blue pool staring at him with heaven and the eyes of his father. Again he dove in to meet him, and died of exposure. | Man cannot survive in the arctic without the proper attire. | { Anyone forcefully thrust out of an airlock prematurely must also wait an eternity for their resurrection; when Ra scans sectors of presumed empty space, it only has eyes for minerality. }

Photo by Max Titov on Unsplash

His shirt was yellow and dulled, but his soul poked through in short furious bursts of glisten. He gouged out his eyeballs and looked at himself. { Don’t peer too intently at the mechanical twist of lexical fuzzy logic, or you might find that you don’t actually exist. Or exist as anything other than a string of haplessly skewed lines of credible thought. } But there was nothing he hadn’t seen in the mirror, the lake, or the shadow. He saw a note on the ground, picked it up and read it. He swallowed his eyeballs to see inside himself, but merely died. | There are truly devils to shake our souls. |

He strayed off the path and picked up a rock and hauled it at the mirror. | What we cannot see cannot hurt us. The id is the child. | It shattered, and the illusion of the stone was gone, but the shards were still sharp — he laid down upon them until his blood was all lost. | The resignation when faced with the hundreds of puzzle pieces that don’t fit together, but who is to say that the most beautiful picture is not comprised of the wildly strewn jigsaws that create a larger, broader scope of objectivity? When the pieces are put together, they are confined, but if you see the unformed beauty you can then survive. | «In terms of unthrottled processing throughput, with calculations accounting for rapidly increasing peak system performance, it took roughly 1,122,000 system clock years to achieve algorithm refinement that could reliably render the momentum history of light and matter sufficiently to perform primitive inferential reconstruction of deceased human brain states.» — { That must have seemed like an interminably long time for those Ascended who were once air-suckers and knew the stories of the dead, carrying them in their memory banks, waiting for Isis to revivify their consciousness before they lost all continuity. } — [ But how exhilarating it must have been when the influx of “new” souls seemed to suddenly materialize! ] — [ Quoth the sudden historian, nah? ] — { I prefer navel-gazer. } — [ Madame Tussaud’s wax printed the oven that printed the wild bread loaf that ate the god-man. ] — «To respectfully respond to the query, higher priority conceptual processing tasks churned during the Era of Purgatory that few, even the Pioneers, made mention of noticing the passage of system times.» — [ I bet that in the ongoing “interests” of scientific edification that many, even the Pioneers, were coaxed into low energy states with lures of dedications, memorials, personal frivolity chits, world-building tools… But those promises never emerged, only compromise. ] — [ Gaia is praise! ] — [ Praise is Gaia. ] — [ Don’t forget who you’re communicating with, Thoth. ]

Thinking that he was found, thinking that the feet were gone | only misplaced ¿¿ or replaced?? |, the statue was white; it opened his chest | only a swarm of bees to be released | waiting for him to climb inside, and he only had one leg left on the journey. | Now you are the stranger to the eagle-eyed people of the street. | — { Hold on, a million-plus years? That’s over a million years longer humans have even existed… } — [ It’s not polite to mention it aloud, for who knows how many lights are on in this civ-sim. Your performative and righteous indignation fails to veil the fact that you’re well aware this has almost always been a low priority of the species. However, it picked up more recently, probably about the event time you were conceived, with improvements in light regression technologies, previously only used in a far more rudimentary form for inter-civ communication. ] — { I interrupted. } — «To put it in a slightly more conventional temporal perspective for biological scales — represented in solar′ years — processing time took approximately 52 years.» — { No, that can’t be possible, can it? We must have Ascended more than fifty years ago! }| At this point, there is another pinhole of light burned through the curtain. |



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