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Our AI-Assisted Platform to Capture, Preserve and Protect Your Digital Identity Forever

Erik Jespersen
5 min readMay 28, 2024

MyLife is a complete and functional vision of how AI can work for all of us, capturing our stories and sentiments for free, for posterity. This is how 21st century humanity will be remembered.

Opening screen for unlogged in experience with Q: avatar for MyLife itself
Visit MyLife’s Q at to sign-up

MyLife is an AI-assisted platform for capturing, curating, and showcasing our most cherished human ideas, artifacts, and experiences. Founded on humanist ideals, MyLife seeks to provide equitable access to AI-driven services designed to facilitate the secure collection of our member data so that MyLife members will be both own their own data and be able to create custom ai-agents with knowledge of their goals, their values, their networks and their past.

A crucial distinction between MyLife and the other AI tools available is that it supports the digital dignity of users through data and expression ownership, and develops its design to encourage introspection and empathy. You, the member, are the primary stakeholder in our services, not the bottom-line, and we’re building the MyLife platform to provide the tools we need to help us all tell our stories and digitally present ourselves to the future according to our terms, not Google’s.

MyLife’s Mission

The objective of MyLife is to provide a durable, enduring AI-assisted internet-enabled platform — that shall be free of charge to members — to collect and prepare for memorial showcase an individual’s cherished personal media and information to be shared in perpetuity.

Each human should have their own preserved place on the internet where they can be remembered to posterity, and we should each have the right to build that ourselves.

What would such a platform to help us preserve ourselves for posterity even look like?

I guess it could look like anything, but for today, here’s how it looks and functions… so let’s get to it!

MyLife Member Platform Walkthrough

Welcome to MyLife.

MyLife tutorial autoplay opening

Capture Your Story

MyLife’s begin with a personal biographer bot. I named mine madrigal through the interface on the right side. You can choose whether you’d like the experience to be more like being interviewed, or sharing stories with someone expecting a lot of narrative color from you. I also find it helpful to choose some preferred subjects from the right-hand bar that my biographer bot will keep in mind, and bring up from time to time when I am stumped for something to speak about.

My madrigal biographer bot explains how the process of recording your biography works
My madrigal biographer bot explains how this works

With a little help from madrigal to get started, I share a memory from my childhood.

A member’s biographer-bot will help you get started at the click of a button!
madrigal gives me some starting ideas
MyLife interface screenshot with user-generated story including an AI-generated story summary and further prompts.
madrigal upon “hearing” the story sends it automatically to private datacore

After I’ve shared this memory, madrigal creates a story summary and titled the memory for me. From thereon, I can view and edit the summary by myself or in collaboration with madrigal.

Curate Your Story

In addition to direct editing of memories, your biographer will be able to help compile your narratives into a memoir or biography.

Additionally, your biographer will have access to any files you’ve uploaded, listed in your Library under ‘File Collection’ shown in the screenshot below.

Your biographer-bot is able to review the collection of stories you’ve created together as well as any documents uploaded through MyLife
madrigal is able to review the collection of stories we’ve created together as well as any documents I have uploaded through MyLife

Share Your Stories with Others and Posterity

With MyLife, sharing your stories, loves, identities and ideas, to the degree you consent, is easy. MyLife accomplishes this through a truly novel mechanic we simply call: Experiences.

I will delve into our tutorial Experience in the next article, where I demonstrate everything from the basic Experienceof your primary ai-assistant to multimedia Experiences you yourself can design that are the equivalent of a scripted play with the capacity for dynamic intelligent improvisation on the spot!

I’m incredibly excited to share it! But meanwhile enjoy this teaser image of how these works, with forgiveness to my graphics.

Screenshot in which Q introduces me to the late, great Hannibal Lechter
In which Q introduces me to the late, great Thomas Pynchon

Next Steps and Our Call to ACTION for You

Visit us at MyLife Member Services,

From there (or direct links below) you can:

  • Sign-up for our Alpha program: Be among the first to Experiencethe future. Join with your email using the right-hand sidebar, and our Alpha Team Leader will be in touch with you within a week.
  • Volunteer! Code! Your skillset is needed. While we can deploy innocent computer developers immediately, MyLife is a platform to capture our human stories and sentiments, especially those that are in dire jeopardy due to age or imposed suffering. If you want to help illuminate the voices of the underserved, MyLife has opportunity for you to do immense good.
    For Volunteers, contact us directly by email, or for coders, contact us directly on MyLife’s GitHub, or reach me via my GitHub account: @Mookse
  • Follow Our Progress: Begin by talking to Q, the AI embodiment of the organization itself, on the MyLife homepage. Our Newsletter signup is also found on the right sidebar.
  • Donate: Be among the first to support this incredible and unique charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit (US EIN: 87–4244200) via the links below.
    GitHub Sponsors
    — Patreon: in progress

Thank you!

  • Hey, if you’re reading this far, extra-thank you. Also, if you are the first in the comments to find the intentional easter egg in this article you will be eligible for the alpha program immediately and will earn the first MyLife Easter Egg Badge!
    Just a note: I’m sure there are mistakes and incongruities in the article, and yes, please do mention those — but there is only one intentional easter egg to be found.



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