On the Third Day, Page Four

The terrain here on this side of the piccadilly teems with lush vegetation, a fertile nestle of diversity; nothing crumbles here but sun-baked soil awaiting the next Sowing. No rock knives rain from above, no strangulation from a pallid, oxygen-poor strata, no burning alive, nor pious misguided monks to exploit the endeavor.

(Though to you lady-witches, you might want to steer the oxen clear for a bit.)

Page Four: The Eden Principle

Photo by David Brooke Martin on Unsplash

:: This is just the sort of tomflickfuckery throughout the ‘magination Book of Gnomonless Drones that I would expect from a’simian of your character! I tol’ you once wide a hundred not to metal into my affairs while I’m workin’… An’ if it happens again, Pow, Alice! To the ‘alloon! ::

<:: this chum of chance i believe he was named myrrmann after the allspice or something has been known to interstice where he wasnt expected for reasons unknown to both the dwarf and the demons so here expectedly unexpected he pops up right when we were getting to the good part about the garden of eden which was supposed to then draw allegations towards god who well not who but what role did he play of course its a he we didnt set up the patriarchy for nothing right you have to get some credit where giving credit is due anyhow so god allusions not so much to good and evil but oh why was he a dwarf you didnt know that from the context okay why a dwarf well I didnt really think that was going to be a specific thing but I guess its because he is close to the earth or lives under the earth and forges directly from her innards she spills her guts to him and he takes that gush and creates the fire that forges the sword of eternity that will one day slice the filters of the void and actually liberate all of existence from this vacant installation no infection of spacetime on the entire corpus right on the entire corpus meaning that that is what exists outside time as understood by conscious entities or those material entities that can contain within their current state a known interaction with a previous state well I guess the trickery is in the word known can a prior history be capable of being intuited by its current state in which it could not otherwise have found itself in found itself in being the key piece found itself in found itself in in itself in a medium ::>

:: Ho, har, hum and a bottle of rum, me digs the earth and me sails the sea! ::

<:: its not that im unaware of the fact that i haven’t yet told you about the aeronautical crew the chums of chance who are really just visiting here against their day and against their will from a novel written by thomas pynchon which i believe is among his best and worst works which really runs the gamut of a collection that is already vast and diverse but you get the enormity of the situation dont you wait what you want me to talk faster that this is all going too slowly for you like suspended in syrup hearing through gauze and dreaming through wax paper wellfuckyouilltalkfasterandfasteruntilicanteveenrotmthugtsitherenireywihouencoringingmtnanptytbols d o p s i

nonetheless im sorry its too slow for you but this is the speed of my time and frankly im going as fast as i can thats just how this stuff works so youre going to have to bear with me okay so myrrmann just as jolly as any cavernborn enslaved forge master dwarf can be happens to slip between the pages of history which write the story of the charmed quark im sure as we speak and virtualize himself into any instance so here he is in this piece right now peering down kneeling at the camera as if he were the giants upon whose shoulders we stride tapping at the glass hard enough to shatter the corningware that coats our phones through whom which we see most everything in the world these days this intraverse of connectivity no wonder the incels are running the show there but what if corning were to put advertisements into their glass subliminal ones etched so slightly that we might feel it with a fingernail but not see it for the advertisement it was how much do you think they would pay for such infiltration I couldnt even imagine but myrrmann is as likely to disappear as appear in the first place so you ::>

:: An’ wi’dat, Myrrmann O-O-U-U-T!! ::

Page Four: The Eden Principle

I hang around where the grass is greener
Totally naked, baby, totally nude
‘Cause if I want to, whose gonna stop me?
—Talking Heads, Totally Nude

Photo by Ignacio Correia 🔴 on Unsplash

Where the fingers of all roads cross at the behest of paws, espied is this glorious sundry of green meadows and slurping fountains gently trespassing over a fallen mossing trunk, still rich with brown bark struck under a bright canopy of light splintered out in all directions to run race with the vines. Ferns strike vivid amongst fallen greenery swept by wind scamperings amid a botanical dream of rainbow candy floss, exploding out in firework bursts of dynamism, honeysuckle, rose, tulip, violet, whisperwing, melodofilious lillification and…

Remember this place. Force it into your mind’s eye. Create over again this rich, lavish cove of perfection; a comforting natural space with trickling calm cool water, so fresh it tickles with mineral carbonation. Spicy floral aromas gallop over swaying reeds that cordon a shallow, clear reflecting pool. A nautilus of pokeweed offers a rubber-necked magenta for black pearls to drape upon, goldenrod flowers pinwheel from their slender stalks, upcast by the zephyr rolling upon tiny cards of shale.

Remember this place. Make it yours, but shape it truly perfectly in your mind’s eye. A perfect garden of ever-so-earthly delights, where milkweed flows like seraphim wine, strewn gently with lightning pebbles barked from marble quarry as a vine sinews into a strict cypress, coyly fanning a parasol of red grapes.

Remember this place. It doesn’t need to be grandiose, but it is your secret garden. Remember this place, because I’m going to use it again, this private sanctuary you will build for yourself over the course of this book.

Remember this place, you’re going to need it, my friend.




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Erik Jespersen

Of The Osiris Foundation

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